Thursday, March 9, 2017

A Reckoning

Copyright (c) 2014 Alan J. Corbett

I think it is time for a reakoning among those of us Individuals who dwell by such outdated rules as right and unsuitable, honor and virtue. It's time to recognize that, regardless of our greatest efforts to keep up these fundamentals inside out nation, the momentum now being exerted by the forces of tolerance and secularism is profitable the day. What's most troubling is the fact that it is a minority motion pushing a real moral majority proper out of their nation. I feel sure that most Americans nonetheless believe in standing up for right and punishing incorrect and that they know easy methods to tell the difference. But they've been suckered by forces from the liberalist realm who have managed to achieve credibility for his or her notion that morality has no place in a "free" society because it discriminates towards those who assume Individuals really feel guilty about having moral standards that the majority have decided to really simply shut up and "go along."

With the good people just about silenced it's no marvel we're seeing what we are seeing in our country immediately. What's the most alarming is the diploma to which this perspective of "tolerance for wrong" has worked it's approach into the political establishments of America. It is appalling to look at as legislation enforcement, legislators and even presidents accommodate each type of immoral and illegal behavior. Taking a stand politically in opposition to any form of flawed habits (except it is some group uniting to combat wrong habits) will carry a firestorm of criticism and hatred down upon you from the forces of the left. The irony right here is the truth that these folks hollering the loudest for tolerance are the ones least willing to tolerate these with a perception in moral standards. That in itself should be sufficient to reveal these folks for who they are surely, yet their power continues to grow as ore and more Americans buy into their assertion that freedom is the absence of guidelines.

I discuss with so many people who actually imagine that America is a spot where you are able to do something you want with out regard for any law or ethical constraint. In line with them it's their right to: play their stereo loud, drive as quick as they want, have their underwear hanging out, curse in public and dwell right here illegally. Naturally, such people, like most of those pushing the tolerance agenda, see no rights accruing to individuals on the opposite facet of the fence; specifically respectable, ethical sorts who beat the brunt of their bad behavior and need a civil America in which to reside. So the bad guys get to play whereas the nice folks simply go away. There's no doubt that in terms of rights in America right now the emphasis is on making sure the unhealthy guys have theirs even if it means taking some away from the good guys. Not an agenda for the continued success of a once great land I don't believe.

Still, I do not assume it's too late to turn issues around if we could simply discover a number of leaders with the backbone to face as much as the panderers and embrace the ideas that made America nice. Here is a presidential platform that I'm satisfied, have been it to be provided ot the American individuals, would lead to a landslide victory for that candidate:

1.)build a wall on the southern border and cease all illegal immigration.

2.) Enforce the regulation towards all employers hiring illegal staff; superb them accordingly and deport all illegal workers in their employ.

3.) Substitute the IRS and the present tax system with a flat tax or a nationwide retail sales tax.

4.) Place time period limits on all elected places of work.

5.) Part out the federal welfare system(besides maybe for handicapped individuals) and pressure individuals to be accountable for his or her behavior.

6.) Make english the "official" American language and make it a requirement for all residents wanting to carry a job or vote to speak it.

7.)Cease apologizing for being who we are: and moral people who, despite offending some, do ore good for extra people than any other nation on earth.

Too unhealthy no person will run on this platform simply for worry of offending a small minority of people who do not like rule

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